Garmin Forerunner 305 Wrist-Worn GPS Personal Training Device with Heart Rate Monitor

This monitor falls into the advanced category with a host of functions. Garmin have given the 305 a simple button layout and the buttons have a nice tactile feel with good pressure response. The right side houses the menu selection and enter buttons, while the left houses a power/backlight button and a mode button. The features are too numerous to… Continue reading

Beurer PM 25 Heart Rate Monitor

This is another basic monitor and was voted ‘best beginners HRM’ but nevertheless has quite a lot of features including display of calories used and fat burnt. It has the usual time & date functions so can be used as a normal watch and is of unisex design.Generally buyers were happy with the monitor considering the price but several had… Continue reading

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

This monitor is a mid range product and is quite feature rich for the price. The EnergPointer function tells the user when they should slow down or intensify their workout and data is stored fror up to 99 sessions. Information can be uploaded to a computer via a Flowlink USB device, but this is not included in the price. Coded… Continue reading

Garmin FR60 with Heart Rate Monitor + Footpod

A mid range monitor which is simple to use and includes a footpad sensor which allows you to monitor distance and pace. It shows calories burnt as well as heart rate and takes into account your level of fitness and features a ‘virtual partner’ function, allowing you to compete against a virtual competitor. The USB ANT stick makes it possible… Continue reading

Suunto T3D Heart Rate Monitor

This one comes under the advanced models label and has many functions including real time heart rate and calorie consumption monitor, and gives a quick & accurate measurement of how hard your body is working at any point in time. Training logbook allows you to track progress and reach targets. Can be used with Suunto training software (optional accessory POD… Continue reading

Garmin Forerunner 405 with Heart Rate Monitor and USB ANT stick

Another advanced model monitor from the popular Garmin range, this one features a GPS receiver so you should never get lost and there are a lot of training features aimed at the dedicated athlete. Can track time, distance, pace and calories burnt as well as heart rate and features a ‘touch bezel’ function to change screens without pressing buttons. Can… Continue reading

Reviewed Heart Rate Monitors